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04mar12 John Harper 50k results


the first annual john harper 50k is in the books; a very enjoyable and successfull time was had by all.  pete mclaughlin was the winner in record time and had the privledge to be joined by his dad for 3 of the 10 loops of the pondside nature trail.  jeffrey vieyra finished running an ultra in all 50 states; way to go jeff.  the one downer was that stephanie coombs turned her ankle about half way through and wisely decided to drop out.  many of the participants used the event as a training run as the weather was perfect for going long.  as usual, the park crew remain nonchalant regarding the 0800 park opening time requiring the early starters to temporarily use the boat launch parking area.

Name Distance (miles) Time
Peter McLaughlin 31 6:00
Jeffrey Vieyra 31 7:24
James Borski 31 8:05
Eugene Bruckert 31 9:26
Carl Perkins 21
James kite 21
Stephanie Coombs 14
Peter McLaughlin Sr. 9
James Sullivan 9
Jason Coombs 4
Stuart Crouch 3
Wayne Morgan 3