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angela ivory memorial 50k

distance:     50k, among the easier 50k's in delaware.

location:      killen's pond state park: 5025 killen's pond road, felton, delaware.

start time:   0830, 20jan18

start/finish: picnic area trailhead.  

aid:              it's a fatass, some aid supplied at picnic area: salties, liquids, etc.; otherwise, bring your own food, drink and bottle.  put stuff you wish to share on group picnic table.

directions:     on us13 south of dover, de, from felton (midstate road, de12) go about 1.5 miles south and take a left at killen's pond road (small, brown sign on side of road indicating left(east) turn to north park entrance). go past high school and turn right into park at main entrance.  make a right turn into large parking lot (just past water park); rendezvoux at picnic tables.

course:           a 3.1 mile dirt loop, totally within killen's pond state park, with some rocks, rubble, etc.  northside trail is broad, mostly dirt.  southside trail is single track with some rubble and roots.

50k is 10 laps of the "pondside nature trail" around killen's pond with an out-and-back from picnic tables to the nature trail each lap.  follow the yellow signs on the frequent signposts to circumnavigate the pond in a counterclockwise direction.

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simplified map showing possible confusing sections:
assuming a counter clockwise traverse of trail ---
1) don't miss the trail marker indicating hard left on west (right) side of park road;
2) at cabins go south (right) on cabin road for about 20' and then hard left into woods;
3) at north end of k.p. road guard rail go left into the field towards boathouse and up park road to nature center where at its far side the trail commenses.
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