continuing the journey

rhode island red runs

distance:           50k, 50mi

location:             warwick, rhode island

start time:         0700, 8may16

start/finish:      east parking lot in warwick city park

course:               a 2.8 mile blacktop trail, totally within warwick city park, with a big white line down its middle.  each lap deviates from the trail to go to/from the parking lot.  the course map is at:  

aid:                     it's a fatass, some aid supplied at circular parking lot: salties (chips and nuts), liquid (water and gatorade), cookies, etc.; otherwise, bring your own food, drink and bottle.

directions:         from I95 take ri exit 10 east (centerville road, sr117) which becomes post road east of us1.  go ≈1/4 mile; take a soft right on west shore road, sr117.  go ≈900'; take another soft right onto long street.  long street becomes asylum road east of buttonwoods avenue.  in another ≈1/4 mile proceed straight onto steven o'connor boulevard and into the park.  when in the park, take a hard left onto side road which has a to beach sign on fence.  use the parking lot at the far east end  of the park.  for a map of the above, go to the course map and shrink/move it.  warning: the roads near the park are more like lanes and don't have signage; so, please study map carefully.

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simplified course map showing the two confusing sections:

1) at northwest end, don't take the shortcut path; instead, take trail west almost to park entrance;
2) go off trail and into parking lot each loop.