continuing the journey

12jan13, john harper 50k results


the second annual john harper 50k is in the books with last year's winner repeating the feat. however pete had some competition this year and it was an exciting finish as gerard, who finished in a dead heat with pete and patti, started the last lap a little ahead and ran the path in the opposite direction.  to their surprise, they met back at the cutoff to the finish line and decided to end it together.  hunt was coming off an injury and did push it, but not off the cliff.  this is the last of the john harper runs; next year the party is moving up to lum's pond with easy access from I95.  go to the trail dawg's website next year for details.

1 patti beauchesne 5:54:54 50f DE
1 gerard prilutski 5:54:54 56m PA
1 peter mclaughlin 5:54:54 50m DE
4 brigitte sheehan 6:06:30 52f DE
5 kathleen madden 6:34:00 48f MD
6 miriam schuman 7:18:43 48f PA
7 jeffrey vieyra 7:18:54 66m CA
8 ron bowman 7:22:02 63m MD
8 tom corby 7:22:02 52m MD
10 john sanborn 7:27:22 44m PA
11 randy henderson 7:54:45 57m PA
12 matthew vieyra 7:53:27 27m PA
12 Michael vieyra 7:53:27 58m PA
14 james borski 8:13:15 55m DE
15 eugene bruckert 9:27:13 77m IL
16 jason sparklin 21.7 miles 35m DE
17 jack wharton 21.7 miles 57m NJ
18 paula lyons 21.7 miles 52f MD
19 hunt bartine 9.3 miles 60m PA